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By now most of you prolly know about the new upcoming Dockyard event featuring the Odin. It will be a simplified version of the PR event and, as with that, WG could not keep themselves from putting something in it to stain it with something to leave a bad taste behind.


Seemingly the PR event left WG with enough money (thank you, whales) to make it profitable for them to continue with these dockyard events and use another interesting ship (personal opinion) to try and make money in another dirty way with a super grindy event which most people can't complete time/skills wise, or will simply not bother and buy straight up. Plus this time you HAVE to pay at least an amount of 3500 dubloons if you think of getting it. 


The Odin, even this heavily nerfed one, is just as Puerto Rico was, a ship I looked forward to, but because of the WG of nowadays, with their customer dishonoring and game destroying practises that don't even cover that they only want your money, I can't get Odin either. 


This time the event is doable for someone in my position with enough flags, premium and enough time to grind with no family and full time job to hold me back. But I don't want to be a hypocryte and I don't want to spoil the game for others and if I want to stay that way, the Odin simply lies out of my reach. 


I condemn everyone sailing the Puerto Rico for showing WG there are enough people that are willing to through consciousness out of the window and money at WG no matter how WG tries to gain access to their behind. I condemn people who play the filth/virus that crept into the game called the Smolensk, which can burn everything down from 19km (with DD guns!?!?) and can't be nerfed because of the shitstorm it would produce. Thus if I will proceed and do the grind that is the dockyard event and then put money in the ship so I can have my T8 German BB, I would be just as all those that don't give a flying F what WG does to this game and their customers,.


Yes, seemingly the Odin isn't worth it anyways and I could probably better go for Tirpitz, but friends already got that one and I wanted the new T8 BB to have my own thing even if it is less than any other T8 BB. Heck, I got Roma because fun =/= overpowered and I love to play Roma. But now Odin is off the table for me to play with and will become another ship, a recurring testimony of WG's greediness and a fat middlefinger to their customers, that I will get irritated over every time I see it ingame. 


I had rather they just put Odin in the store for the amount of money I had to pay for other T8 BBs than tryint to fool as much people into spending money with an event like this, with a foil event mechanic that is still fresh in everyone's mind. Here is a vid of Ichase about the upcoming event and he really took the words out of my mouth about how I feel about this event and about the current WG tactics.



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Please tell me why are you a special snowflake who deserves an own thread and the general one which we all use, isnt good enough? 


Also listening to ichase is like learning to play from Jingles's videos. 

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@FukushuNL care to copy your post into the existing thread?



So far I don't see any distinction between your thread and the existing.


Thread locked.

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