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Raptor Op bugged - sabotaged on purpose ?

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I do feel that WG are totally lacking in skilled programmers for AI systems. In WG products, the AI is always awful. The latest "Road to Berlin" mode in WOT was promoted as having some amazing new AI that would make it much more challenging to play. Well, it's so bad that even the [edited]-kisser CCs are lampooning it.


The AI in WOWS is dire. When you have "friendly" bots in co-op you need to give them a wide berth. I've had DDs turn across my path and force me to evade to avoid ploughing into them (always fun in a BB) or firing torps into me from behind. Perhaps they are just programmed to replicate player behaviour? 


Still, WG won't invest in the operations. Why would they? They don't have any in-house talent capable of making a good PVE game, they've demonstrated that and the player base is probably quite small. You get one op per week, they're super repetitive, riddled with bugs and becoming less and less lucrative as time goes by. I think the player base who actually plays more than one or two runs of an operation per week must be quite a small and ever-shrinking.

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1 hour ago, Andrewbassg said:

Actually the problem could be reduced to simple arithmetics: Randoms 12 vs 12 = 24 players per session NO Ai involved,  time length of the session is not a factor 

                                                                                                                       Coops  9 vs 0 = 9 players  per session light Ai involved ( no fixed tactics/conditions) no  time length factor (usually VERY short)

                                                                                                                       Ops  7( usually) vs 0 = 7 players per session, heavy AI involvement (fixed tactics/conditions) longest time length and key timed factors , etc


Different Ai grade involves different computational requiremens hence different costs. 

That's WG's arithmetic right there. ..


But to be honest,  they are frikkiin braindead !!!.All they have to do is come forward and explain these things AND say "look that's our issues, but let's see if we together can come up with something, which will be mutually acceptable  to ALL of us".


But no, instead they do all sort of stupid and idiotic deeds... like nerfing Narai under the pretext of "fixing' the AI!!! Frikkin braindeads!!!



The problem is as well that AI is hard to code and developing interesting and compelling narrative experiences (like Ops) also requires a lot of individual talent and creativity; you can't just get any old coder to do them. I'm not saying that making arena maps and ship models requires no skill at all, but it's the kind of thing that any dev can do without having to be a specialist (particularly if there are already 3D modelling/art tools available). To hire on more folks who would be good at making more Ops would cost a fair bit more than just having a small team to put out new ships regularly and the odd map now and again, as well as some occasional camos, with everything balanced by spreadsheet for PvP. See also any multiplayer-focused FPS or similar of recent years where the singleplayer campaign is obviously a vestigial tacked-on afterthought.


Also, the thought occurs that all that lucrative E-sports attention isn't going to be too interested in watching a team of seven play through an Op. when it could be busy promoting ten or more 'athletes' fighting each other to the virtual death...

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