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Dsync. Its random and makes the game unplayable

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I don't know how widespread this issue is or how many are suffering from it but its becoming a game stopper.


Dsync is under investigation by the Devs, with no timescale for a fix (confirmed in the last WoWs stream). Normally if you know its happening, you add about 20% to your aim distance. This allows for the lag of what you see, compared to where the ship really is. You know its happening when you see ships get destroyed and then shoot forward to the actual resting place, post explosion. Today, its got worse, its becoming random in matches, sometimes occurring, other times not. Its making it almost impossible to aim accurately. I'm see the opposition struggling too, I get focused and the shells fly everywhere but don't hit me. Originally you could almost "count" on it and adjust accordingly, however today whilst in a match (more than one match too) it dsync'd and later sync'd. I noticed it by accident but it happened in 3 matches this evening.


Sorry WoWs but its becoming unplayable at times.



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Thread closed.


There is already a thread about this issue:

If it gets worse for you or you notice more problems caused by that, use this thread to talk about them. You should also send the required data to customer support, they need your client logs and other data (like replays) to find the cause for the issue in order to fix it.

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