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WG, ships aren't balanced for the current game meta

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This is how it is; ships are balanced for damage potential and XP are rewarded more or less solely on damage dealt and frags only but the game meta revolves around the abstraction of winning by capping bases and winning tickets in Domination mode which appear to be the most proliferant game mode currently.

DDs can now win Domination mode on their own and the team with most DDs win that game mode almost per default because the various classes of ships are balanced out of damage dealing potential and not for capping potental which means that the fastest ships with the highest camo rating have the greatest potential for capping undetected and undamaged and thus the highest potential for winning a game.


This is contradictory in terms as that means that the only sensible things for players to do if they want to earn XP and silver is to inflict damage and kills on the enemy while in order to win you have to cap because there is rarely enough time to win by destroying the enemy thus you have to win by capping which gives about a quarter of the XP earned by inflicting loads of damage at best.


The consequence of that contradiction is that players that want to earn XP and silver will play for frags as that is the only logical thing to do if the highest amount of XP and silver is the goal and thus against the game meta while those who wants to have high WR will go for capping however the latter will have to play at least 5 times as many games as those who play against the current game meta due to the extreme low XP and silver awarded for capping which means that player motivation for progressing the tiers  and high average XP, damage, kill/death ratio is contradictiory to the motivation for high winrates...

Obviously the consequence for the gaming community will be a very toxic one spilt between players that play to progress through the tiers and those who play for winrates which will result in a lot of angry players spouting 'die from cancer' and worse against their team mates.


This contradiction in term should not have gone beyond Alpha testing IMHO and the game needs a complete overhaul with regards to gameplay and how to win and earn XP in a way that is linked in a logical and non contradictionial way such as winning and earning XP by inflicting damage only or as a minumum by awarding equal XP for capping as well as dealing damage/killing enemy ships.

There is no way that players that play in order to progress through their ships all the way to Tier X will be doing so by playing the capping game and the only logical conclusion is that the vast majority of players will NOT play the capping game meta but will play for damage and frags which will mean that the same majority is playing against their own team's win chance and the game meta the developers and WG wants. Whether or not that is considered a failure by WG is another matter alltogether as WG clearly hitherto only have financial gains as their interest - not a bad thing for a company but not nessessarily the best for its potential customers..  


If you want players to want to play this game with its currently broken game meta vs. XP/silver earnings you will have to rectify its shortcomings with regards to the intrinsic contradiction in terms the game meta vs. XP, silver earnings and tier progression have at this moment. 


So WG are you confused what way you want this game to go or haven't you really thought the game meta vs. tier progression thing through or is it deliberate?


To be honest this contradicton should never have gone beyond the Alpha stage and a game with a logical connection between game meta and tier progression should have been the result rather than the current mess which obvioulsy is the developers responsibilty but also the testers that did not realise the intrinsic problems the game have with the above in question and it appear to be quite amateurish in the sense that there do not appear to be a clearly defined goal for what the game is supposed to be centered about but rather it appear that different and obviously contradictiory goals and game meta philosophies are destructively competing against each other to the detriment of both customers and company alike.


In short the game is as follows: Player motivation and potential for tier progresion is contradictiory to game meta = bad game experience for everyone.


 My suggestion is that the game goes back to super/alphatesting in order to create a game meta that is logically and consistently connected to the way XP and silver is earned so that the players can earn XP, credits and gain high winrates at the same time - if not this game will fail when the players make the connection that the best way to progress through the tiers is to play egotistically and go for damage and frags only letting the rest of the team lose by allowing the enemy to cap letting those who play for Winrates hanging in the wind.

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Why is it a "contradictory in terms"?

You do damage, make kills and gets xp and credits from that... You get a bonus if you win the battle... The best way of gettig up in tiers is by winning and do lots and lots of dmg and kills... That seams to me to be rather good.

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