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Matchmaker: 77 tiers (10 ships) vs 93 tiers (14 ships)

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Sure, everyone likes to bash the mm now and then. But this one, I really don't see it, in what universe is this even close to balanced ? 16 tiers & 4 ships difference, gosh.

IMO they should get rid of uneven team sizes altogether. There is no "quality over quantity" in this game. In the end, it all comes down to RNGesus. How much do the shots spread this time, do I hit, do I do damage, do I crit ? If you have more ships (esp. DD, alternating wall of fog anyone ?) to cap, you win. If you have more torps to spam, you win. 95% of those games are won by superior numbers. It's not even fun to play if the outcome is pretty much preordained.

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