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Dear Solo Player's, dear Historians.... JOIN [ATAGO]

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Are you a solo player or just a regular player that is not really interested in getting super hardcore for a clan?

Are you mostly interested in the historical aspect of the game? 

Do you dislike too heavy commitment and too many rules that come with most clans?


Sounds like [ATAGO] might be for you.


As a solo/division player, I created this clan only to show my fondness of naval history and the Takao-class, especially Atago.

When some of my friends started playing the game as well I invited them just because having minimal extra bonuses is better than no bonuses.


Now I was thinking maybe there are more players like me who are fond of naval history but do not want the commitment and rules that come with many competitive clans.

Players who just enjoy the game but don't really WANT to have to change their playstyle or are forced to use voice communication. 

Because clans do give an advantage it is better to be in one even if you play mostly solo or with a few selected division mates. 


In Short...


-This is NOT a competitive clan! 
This is a clan for people who are "SOLO" players or play WoWS because they are fond of maritime history.


-Why "ATAGO"?
Because I love the Takao-class, especially Atago.
(If you are a fan of the class as well then you can consider this as kind of a small Fanclub.)


-Why join?
Well even if its low tier bonuses, it's better than no bonuses. Unless you really HATE the clantag before your name it's always better than sailing empty.


-How to join?
Just ask me (YamamotoSixtySix) ill invite you.


-TS3/Discord/Clan Times?

No commitment. No TS/DC rule. Be as active as you like! Just enjoy the game! 


-Want to leave at some point?

Do your thing mate. This is all very liberal. Just enjoy the game.


That's not to say that if the clan grows and people show interest that they want to do clan-related activities that they will be completely ruled out.

This can become what the members want it to be. I just want to give players the possibility to enjoy the clan-bonuses while not doing anything they don't want to do.


Main Language is English, I am from Germany tho.

I also have a TS3 if you do want communication. Use it as you want. It's open/public anyway.


Help me grow this clan, so that other solo players can also enjoy bonuses and have a small community of reliable Division mates to be ready sometimes. 


Consider if this would be for you. Have a great day!

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