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looking for a new clan with daily activity

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hi everyone. 

Me and 2 mates of mine looking for a new clan. 

we play daily around 3-7hours. 

me and one of us are more experienced. our third one is slowly coming, since he has a lot of work, he can't play too much. 

We are surely not Pro players but also not potatoes 🥔

what we are looking for is to find rly active peoples playing this game. 

we wanna play cws a lot. 

which league is totally unimportant. even better when we start together from the bottom and climb slowly up as a team. 

If someone is interested in meeting us, just message me in game or in this forum. 

thx a lot 

hf gl 


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HHR – Hit Hard and Run is a brand new clan set up to play division’s, clan battles and enter King of the Sea competitions.  Our philosophy is that everyone should get a chance to take part in these events regardless of their game statistics or ability.  We are not elite and play for fun.  We welcome male and female players of any age all we require is members use discord, have a sense of humour and respect other players. Message me if your interested thanks :)



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