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Noob friendly clan ?

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I just started to play this game a couple of days ago and still learning very basics.  My background is in world of tanks, but now wanted to look for a game that has little slower pace and is more tactics oriented than just plain action game like WOT is nowadays.


So it would be nice to find clan that is noob friendly and well behaving adult members in general. Even better if the clan is Finnish speaking, but that is not mandatory requirement. I can manage also in English speaking clan. Discord and TS3 are installed and I use those regularly when I am online. There would not be any point to join clan without communication and team play, right ?


One option is to setup completely new clan that we can guarantee to be noob friendly by simply recruiting only noobs...


My contact information in discord: kuhanajelen#2559



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Oleum means in latin - oil.

We are a fun clan but also play competitively. Typhoon clan multiple times


Depending on season we play, team battle, ranked, sprint ranked, divisions and clan battles.


In team we use tactics to win our games and have fun. 


English speaking mainly but we have lots of other speaking languages within.


We have players who have played 2k battles all the way up to 15k battles and we all learn of each other.


If Interested join the discord here: https://discord.gg/vfPxGDm


Speak to , Jeroen71 , Janneman77 , HMSbulwark , Archibaldusll


Join Oleum today!




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OP joined a clan. 

Please don't hesista to open a new topic If you wanna look for another clan in the future. 


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