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DD Player LF Eventual Clan Battles

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Hi, I'm a below average DD player, looking to join a clan where I can improve and play clan battles.

I have a Gearing and i'm working towards the Grozovoi and Shimakaze.
Despite my WR being mid 40s in random, I'm a team oriented player and I can communicate effectively. I've played plenty of games in competitive teams so that's not new to me.
I'm committed to improving and reflecting on my own play. My weakness is being too cautious with DDs which is hopefully an easier place to work from than too aggressive.

What I'm looking for from a clan:
English speaking, 18+ and a focused but friendly atmosphere. I enjoy internet boats but I don't have the energy to be getting hugely toxic about it.

Regular CBs - I'm happy to work up to playing in these, not necessarily expecting stuff straight away

Established with a solid active member base (15-20+)

I'd love some experienced DD players to learn from.

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Hi Paul,


We are a medium sized clan of more mature players in World of Warships, but we are part of a larger Old Gits Having Fun clan that has it’s own World at War, Cod4 servers etc.

We are looking for players for our World of Warships clan and you could fit right in, we play all tiers, play scenario and Naval Battles, Randoms, divisions etc, we use Discord for coms and are a fairly happy bunch, like a bit of light hearted banter etc.

Please check our main Clan out and see what you think. 




                 Chris (AKA Cyclops)

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Hi Paul.
EU clan english speaking happy to take you onboard personally and help you there. The guys are laid back but competitive and very helpful.
Send me a DM if interested :)

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