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Cv rework birthday

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So its been a litte over a year since the cv "rework"(shitshow) happend,  which has turned a (kinda) good RTS gameplay modus into a a cellphone gamply for 10 year olds, not really what a "thinking mens action game needs).

Im currious to hear what other people in this forum think of the rework which made PvP in Cvs non appearing, rockets you cant dodge no matter the skill and  constant "cheating"air BS.

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Opinions can be basically split into three camps:

The mediocre/bad CV players along with the people who just liked to hate on RTS think the CV rework is great, that everything is perfectly fine and that CVs are perfectly balanced or even in need of buffs.


The people who don't care due to the majority of CVs being utterly incompetent, well, don't care.


The actually skilled CV players and people who aren't blind to simple facts or statistical data pretty much universally believe that the rework is broken on a fundamental level. Ironically even former WG employee iEarl sarcastically commented in his latest video about subs that CVs are "balanced" now.


Also this thread is likely going to get closed and you're going to be redirected to this thread:


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