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How the classes should be!

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Saw some of the threads in here and many are correct about the current state of the game balancewise.
At the moment the battleships have too much power, and only soft counters.
It should be Destroyer>Cruiser>battleship>CV

But what should each class do to have a part in a game?

Destroyers should be able to hunt Battle ships and cvs.
CVs should hunt pretty much all classes, destroyers, cruisers with bombers and BBs and CVs with torpedoes.
BBss should be able to kill cruisers and BBs.

This leaves the cruisers to support BBs vs Air and to some degree actively hunt destroyers and perhaps CVs.

But that is not the case at the moment. The new US BB line has too much AA so one of the defining roles of cruisers are gone.
Furthermore a cruiser can use a special ability to spread the torpedo attacks from planes and by this avoid critical torp hits to the BB he is protecting.
This is true and still possible vs an inexperienced CV player but he needs to be really close to do this and if he is close to BBs then he is a target for other BBs. The first they shoot are him.
He is a sitting duck next to the BB with an mostly useless skill. 


the special abilities:
Destroyers have smoke ( VERY NICE ability that can be used for a ton of purposes both defensive and offensive)

Battleships have Damage control party ( It has been buffed in 0.3.1) It works by healing different health amounts to the different damage groups like light, medium and heavy damage)
                                                         since more light and medium damage due to better armor in this patch it works better than before. Very nice ability that make you able to take a lot more damage over time.)
Cruisers: Spread the torpedoes ability. (First if it is a smart CV player than he can just wait till it runs out. He can see that the spread is bigger so he just waits the 30 seconds ...then attacks)
This ability is by far the worst in the game compared to the two others by many reasons. It can be useless vs an experienced CV player and what if it is a game with no CVs. Then it is a completely useless skill.  If he had an ability to increase the range of the AA and secondary guns for him and a bit for the others close by for some time it would be much more deadly and suited for him.

In 0.3.1 they have given higher turning speed to US BBs and AA that is insane high. This is really a bad idea. Both is killng the cruiser class.

Cruisers should be the hard counter to air by far and be able to hunt destroyers. Increase the amount of CVs per game to 3 at least this would give him a better purpose in game.

US Battle ships with abilities is fast to turn (Destroyer like) even more with rudder shift decrease upgrade skill , has great AA ( cruiser area), hits hard and precise (BB area) . They really do not have so many downsides. 

Commander skills:
After putting points into your commander skills the cruiser gets worth less overall.

Destroyer :  Useful skills (torpedo armament expertise, smoke screen, situational awareness, advanced fire training, vigilance, concealment expertise, jack of all trades)

Battleship:  useful skills (Basic fire training, Basics of survivability, aiming expertise, high alert, aerial reconnaissance, advanced fire training, fire prevention, jack of all trades)     

Cruiser   :  useful skills (Basic fire training, defensive fire, pyromania, advanced fire training, concealment expertise and jack of all trades.)
The pyromania skill is nice but it can easy be countered by the other classes by investing in anti fire abilities.

CVs have a ton of useful skills.

The cruiser is again getting hit hard since most of the commander skills are not useful.


Ship upgrades
not sure if cruisers get 4 upgrades in tier 6 aswell as BBs. 

Increase to AA range is nice for a cruiser but besides that it feels like the BBs and destroyers get the best out of these upgrades.



The cruiser just feels like it is useless in the game.
BB´s can fine do what it was supposed to do themselves.
And destroyers have so many great skills and abilities that they can be a force.
The CVs can be strong later on with skills and abilities plus more groups .

Can not see any reason what so ever to play cruisers in this game, and if WG does not bring up some serious improvements plus give the class a specific role

the others can not fill then bottom line is avoid this class at all costs.








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