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SAUF - Searching for players beeing tired of "standard" Clans

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Hello there,


we are "SAUF", which is a common word for "drinking" in german.

We are a bunch of people stranded after trying several clans and beeing sick of all the drama around it.
We figured that we have no patience for crying children and stupid people anymore.
SAUF has become synonymous with "beeing not compatible with the standard "crying, drama and toxic lifestyle of many Clans"
We are a bunch of decent skilled players who just want to have fun and be succesfull at the same time.
Most members origin is german, but do not hesitate to apply if you are from a different country.
All of us speak english fluently. Now our goal is to build a decent team for clan battles, brawls and so on.
We have no special training plan. Either you know what you are doing and you are capable of playing your role in competitive games and you are open to critisim, or not.
Still we are looking forward to become better players and constructive critisim is always very welcome.


What we are looking for:



Adult people with common sense, decent stats and experience in the game.
Winrate of around 50%
Around  1500 Battles played
Average damage of around 50k.
The will to gather more experience in this game and to become a better player.
If you think you are already top of the line and no one in the world could improve you. Then this Clan is no place for you.
Speaking english and/or german.
Having at least one Tier X.

Headset and the will to join a discord-server for actual communication.



What we offer:


We are a very sarcastic and funny small group of decent skilled players.
We are looking forward to share our experience with other players and also gather tips and tricks from other people aswell.

Our Skilllevel is widely spread from newby to experienced. You will see that, when you are checking out our stats.
If you are willing to sacrifice a few of highly successfull games in order to be not able to breath from laughing. This might be the right place for you to be.
This is what a clan is supposed to be after all. At least in our opinion. This is a game. Let`s have some fun!
We are all working full time. So maybe there will be certain days in the week where we wont be able to send a full team into combat. Be prepared for that.

And of course we have a Discord-Server.


So if you are somewhat fitting into the requirements above and you are searching for a challenge to help forming a team, then do not hesitate to contact us on the forum, on the page via Private Message or ingame with the players Trisches, buttert0ast, and Tronico.


The history of SAUF:

At the end a bit of the history and how SAUF was formed in World of Warships:


We were "formed" after leaving a huge multigaming Clan in 2012. The word "formed" may sound a bit too heavy considering we were just some friends holding together after leaving. Playing mostly Battlefield at that time we somehow managed to stay together until today.
SAUF has never been synonymous with a lot of skill but we still managed to be somewhat successfull. We made ourselves a name in Battlefield 3 and 4 and had good friendships and relationships with quite a few widely known Clans and teams at that time.

In the year 2015 some of us found out about World of Warships. We started playing it and soon other friends joined us. Of course some ppl were joining, others were leaving over the years.
We never had the amount of players to form a competitive team in this game sadly. So a lot of us left and tried their luck in other Clans. Myself included. Over about 2 years we were joining different clans and gained a lot of expierience in that time.

At the beginning of 2020 most of us came back together, agreeing that many other clans had a very toxic lifestyle which was unbearable for most of us.

So we chose to leave our competitive thoughts behind for a while and once again after around 2 years of an absolute stalemate, reactivate SAUF and come back together for the challenge of forming a competitive team with our standards. For gathering steel, to compete against other teams and especially: having fun doing all of that.


So if you made it through this wall of text, why dont you grab a beer, contact us, join our Discord and have a little chat?



We are looking forward to hear from you!


Greetings Trisches.

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