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Game de-syncs gradually during the game

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since a couple days something weird started to happen to my games.


Game starts fine as usual, solid 75-77 fps 35ms.

As game progresses my ship and other ships start to get rendered within my client with growing de-sync.

Basically I see my ship and enemy ships farther and farther than they actually are.

So if I lead correctly my shells seem to hit the ship but I only get water splashes, if I blatantly overlead shells land in front of rendered ship but I get explosions and hit ribbons/fires/cits.

Same with my ship, enemy shells seem to be passing me but I get hit (so apparently server knows my position, it's my client rendering it wrong).

At around 8 mins into the game things get ugly and click delays start being noticeable so even sailing gets very hard.


Basically 10-12 mins into the game it turns into a totally unplayable and frustrating experience.

During the whole time I sit at the usual 75-77fps and 35ms.


I tried turning all gfx settings to very low.

I turned off all mods.

I reinstalled from scratch (using WG Game Center).

I tried editing engine_config.xml with these values:




All the above didnt change anything.


My system:

Win10 Pro

CPU AMD FX8320 8-Core 3,5GHz

GeForce GTX 1060 6GB


My connection:

100/20 Mbit fttc

average ping to WG servers 39ms (1k packets sent)

No issue whatsoaver on all other games/internet services I use.

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