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Clan battles - CV

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The new season of CBs are boring and pointless with the introduction of CVs.


CVs are too powerful as they are, they generally decide who wins and loses in many battles and CB is no different. With AP bombs wiping out half of most cruisers in one go it's not enjoyable playing cruisers in CB and as most ships are cruisers then the game is pointless and boring.


You've nurfed AA so much in so many ways there isnt really any counter for it. Either seriously bump up AA and make escpially AA cruisers wreck planes or do without CV. 


I really don't understand WG desire to push for CVs so much. If a CV wants someone dead then there isn't much that anyone can do about it and makes everything really really burning. Wasted CB season. Bravo WG 👏👏👏

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