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[WGP2L] is Recruiting: Train with Hurricane Players and play Clan Battles

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WGP2L is revitalized as the recruiting clan for the hurricane clan WGP2W (Forum-Posting: https://bre.is/d9ESv3nY). Apart from being a home for WGP2W-players who have retired from the try hard CB-team, P2L will welcome new recruits in our community. 

Our international clan is welcoming solid players with few preconditions:



  1. Be an active player
  2. Use discord and be able to communicate in English
  3. Show constant willingness to improve
  4. A solo win rate of 54 % or higher. Exceptions might be made to this rule.
  5. Several T10 ships with decend stats.


This game isn’t rocket science, and we are well aware that with a helping hand anyone actually willing to improve can do so fairly fast. Thus, fresh recruits will get the opportunity to improve in divisions with volunteer veterans and, given enough players, will get the opportunity to participate in biweekly clan battle trainings to evaluate and sharpen their skills in the competitive field. 


In the Clan Battle season recruits will get the chance to play clan battles in P2L with the realistic goal to reach Storm league, or in best case low typhoon. (This is already achieved) Those among the recruits who actually want to improve will get a serious shot for the teams in P2W once they have improved far enough, which should be possible in one to three clan battle seasons. 


While we are willing to give fresh players a chance and want to help them improve, WGP2L/W is still a competitive clan. This means we expect fresh recruits to actually show the willingness to improve. We expect them to listen, to ask and to learn. We expect their performance to show that they are getting better. 
After each clan battle season we will examine the performance to judge the current status of the player. A select few will get a chance to compete for slots in the try hard WGP2W teams whereas others will be welcome to help improve the WGP2L team to become a solid typhoon team for farming rewards each season.


How to join:
Join our Discord https://discord.gg/4ugfMTh and contact me ( Inclutus ) there.


What we offer:

  • A chance to train with Unicums and Super-Unicums to improve drastically.
  • A chance to get a shot at a competitive Hurricane team in the future.
  • A big international community from three continents which enjoys playing other games together as well
  • A maxed out clan base 


Mother Clan: https://bre.is/d9ESv3nY
WGP2W on WoWs-Numbers: https://bre.is/YSZq7hF9
WGP2L on WoWs-Numbers: https://bre.is/AxeTZ9rB



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