Commanders, in Update 0.9.5 there will be a soviet cruiser branch split. Due to the entirety of the current branch except Moskva consisting of light cruisers, Moskva will be replaced in the branch by the light cruiser Alexander Nevsky and will herself become a special ship for Coal. Apart from that, cruiser Kirov will be replaced in the branch by Kotovsky and become a premium ship.  Details of the upcoming changes:   Cruiser Moskva will get the "special" status. It means that base cost of the ship's post-battle service will be reduced from 180 000 to 90 000 credits and you will be able to assign commanders from other ships of the same nation without penalty or retraining. Players who currently have Moskva researched but not yet bought or have her sold will get Moskva.  If the soviet cruiser branch was reset, a bonus to Research points will be applied to cruiser Alexander Nevsky.  The Unique Upgrade or the mission for it, as well as all purchased permanent camouflages, will remain on Moskva. In case the Type 20 permanent camouflage wasn't purchased, players will get it.  The commander of Moskva will retain his specialization.  Cruiser Alexander Nevsky will be available only when researched and purchased in the tech tree.  The same rules are applied to cruisers Kirov and Kotovsky.