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Features that could make the game better for players

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Before I kick off with my list of suggestions, I'd like to say that I really enjoy this game a lot. I think WG is doing an amazing job here and I can't wait till the full release :) . A little on me: I'm a UX designer/researcher with a big passion for gaming. Considering the first thing in that sentence: I'm a critic and I feel like contributing when I see things can go smoother, so here are my suggestions: 




Communication part 1: F-buttons for quick multilanguage communication
In world of tanks we could use the f4,f5,f6 etc buttons for communication. This I'd love to see in world of warships. When in battle, it's hard to type a message. The lighter the class, the more you'll be manouvering and shooting and torping. So there's no time to press enter and write a message to your colleagues to back you up. Another good thing about the old feature in WoT was that the language could be adjusted by your setting. Meaning that a non-english player would also comprehend what I was actually saying or asking. When appliying a feature like this it would be very usefull , just as in WoT that you can see on the MiniMap and above the playericon who is saying it, but a little highlighting.

Things we need to hear from colleagues on the battlefield, or thing we want to say:
"I need back up" (your flank might fall short, your teammate is paying attention to another matter (AC while a BB is incoming, you want to alert them)
"I'm retreating" (you might be low on health, your presence is vital, yet, it will be the rest of the game. No use to die, let your friends know you'll peel off so they can anticipate in the heat of battle.
"I'm going in" (Could be used to inform your friend that you will follow their lead, that you will head out first or could be used as a response to "I need backup")
"Defend the base" (speaks for itself)
"Avoid collision!"




Communication part 2: Pinging on the map
Pinging on the map is very usefull. Still, and this goes for WoT as well, that it doenst say much. It often happens with either random players and platoons that a ping has different meanings. Sometimes it means "I'm going there", sometimes it means "Pay attention here", sometimes it means "we need more people here" and somtimes it means "The player at this position is a c##t".
So, what I would suggest is that you make a little radial menu, in a similiar way in WoT when you hover over your ally and could say things like "follow me" "fall back" etc. But then with things that make sense on a minimap. For example: 
"Spot this sector"
"Attack this sector"
"Defend this sector"
"I'm going to this sector"
Expecially at the start of a battle this feature will do great for for teamplay.
This raidla menu should appear over the minimap when you press and hold your mouse button. You hover over the suggested sentence and release the mouse button to trigger it. 




Communication part 3:
Please make a private chat function. Often the chat gets spammed by players talking a language hard anyone understand, and the 2 people might distort the little communication there is with some story about their weekend. Gonna refere to Guild Wars 2 here: they have the "/whisper "enter nickname"" function. I'd suggest to make that shorter, make it just /p (p stands for private, privat, privé, and most likely for something private in most of the languages". Follow up by entering a players nickname. Make this shorter by autofill form. For example we have these player in the match:

When you type "/p c" nothing happens. When you enter "/p cc" it autofills to "/p cc_101" since thisis the only player that matches a nickname starting with the letters "cc".

This chat function in Guild Wars to also makes it possible to use "/r" to reply to the person who wrote the last private message to you. I'd strongly recommend the implementation of this as well.


An alternative to this feature suggestion:
Enabling players to start or join a platoon with players in the same game (and team). People can just use platoon chat that way. And I think it's a lot less work then revising the entire chat system :)






Implement popular mods:
I already thought this should be done in WoT, the same is going to apply for WoWs:
Implement the popular mods a lot of players are using, the way you did with the "last spotted location"-on the minimap mod in WoT. Everyone is using it, don't let some shabby third party give it to your users with some malware in the setuppackage included (or whereever they put it). Give the people what they want. 
If some random third party can make it, I'm sure the WG crrew can do this as well. And if not, look the person up, pay him a little for it, or just give him some credentials for his portfolio which he can use for jobsearching or whatever. Be creative.

These mods are the way your customer shows you what he wants and needs. Use that in your advantage.





Spectator mode:
Again, my WoT experience is similiar to my WoWs experience here:
in WoT you used to left mouse click to move the view to another player. Starting off be platoon members, then going to...uhm, yeah, I never realy figured out what the order was. It skipped some players, it moved to some, there seemed to be no logic behind this that made sense to me as a player. Maybe something from the programmers view. Now let's focus on usability, and thus the player here.
I'd like to see the same WoT feature that you can ctrl-left mouse click someone in the player list. 
Apart from that, something fresh and that feels more intuitively. 
Example of my idea here:
You are spectating your friend called "CC_101". You see further on the battlefield an interesting situation, you want to spectate there. The active player over there is Captain_warship. You aim the camera in the direction of Captain_warship and mouseclick, and the cameare moves to that player. There you go! And did you miss because his friend xBobx was near? well, the you're at least very close. You will see the situation and just do the same again. 





Would be good if you could check them again later on, in a history list.






Damage upon spotting:
It doesn't have to XP based as in WoT, but it feels good for a player to say how he contributed to teamplay. I'd like to see the damage upon spotting feature again.






Experience explained:
I know WG tends to be a bit mysterious about this, but if a player wants to be a good (team)player he needs to know what he has to do. XP is always a reward for good gameplay, thats a basic of games. Let players know what they did good in the battlereport by showing them how much XP they got for their actions (dmg on higher tier, dmg on lower tier, torp dmg, spotting, capping, name it all. I can understand that you don't want to make the list too complicated, maybe add a "more detailed report"-button to the current list. But this IS the most important thing in any game here is. Knowing where to get the XP is vital. The only reason I can think of not to show people is because the XP system doesn't make sense. Should that be the case: make it make sense. With the current system we know that if we lose we get barely no xp.







Thanks in advance for reading, and thanks for being a developer that listens to users and let them have a say on your game. I hope I'm helping out all of us here. If there's any questions from WG directed to me about my suggestions or if you want to further discuss something, feel free to mail me on the e-mail adress included in my account. 


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Beta Tester
11 posts
3,371 battles

An alternative to this feature suggestion:

Enabling players to start or join a platoon with players in the same game (and team). People can just use platoon chat that way. And I think it's a lot less work then revising the entire chat system :)



And that's one :) from the last WoT update


"dynamic platoons

Starting with this update, you will be able to form platoons with your team mates while in battle. This means no more waiting for a battle ending to go back to the Garage in order to create a combat unit – assemble your formation on the spot!

For more information please refer to our dedicated article."


I guess that means it will be there in WoWs as well, soemwhere in the future?


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Beta Tester
11 posts
3,371 battles

I'm actually really surprised that there's no community back-up on these ideas at all. I thought we (the testers) had a voice here that could help both us and WG to improve the game. Instead...



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