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Let's talk about game modes

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Standard battles are sort-of-ok, ships lack the mobility to get back and prevent a cap that can in turn mean that you can have two large groups racing to cap each other, this is less fun than it could be to be honest.


encounter can be uniquely awful when you're left on the team with the destroyer disadvantage on it, either you close the gap at a fire disadvantage (frontal guns only) or you accept it's a loss and move on.


domination just needs to go away, the majority of my games so far have ended before even half the ships have sunk and there's just not enough mobility to get across the map quickly enough.


and then there's Hotspot, who decided that map spawn layout was a good idea ? Domination is just a snore fest because people are so close to each other that even risking a engagement has half the enemy team gunning for you well below the ranges where evasion is possible so everybody hides behind the islands, World of Tanks style, and Domination ends up even worse, you can either sail into the center and die like a muppet or try to engage one of the isolated groups and lose to capping, either way everybody is in a crossfire.


to be honest, zone capture is a poor fit for warships as they are, every ship class is dependent on maintaining a specific range bracket and even destroyers lack the speed to reliably disengage and disrupt a enemy force in the cap circle halfway across the map, it takes literal minutes to go anywhere, couple this with the current game mechanics (lack of escape mechanics for anything larger than destroyer, Carrier strike planes)  that not only reward but basically require people to mob up in a large groups and you get what we have now.


the only reason "normal" mode is somewhat passable is that the battleship groups tend to trade fire from cap circle to cap circle so that there's at-least somebody looking at it at most of the time, the map design itself is not helping matters much either given it's largely based on the tried and tested world of tanks "two paths and a trap" where you go to either flank and duke it out there, hidden behind significant rocks that cannot be fired over, or into the center and just die as you're focused down by everybody not committed to the paths on the sides, Warships of course add the additional spice that half the battleships can fire across the map without committing to either path.


straight up "team deathmatch" is not terribly attractive either since it will invariably devolve into "hunt that last carrier/destroyer", often in ships with a significant speed disadvantage, hence the addition of the cap circles, but as it is now they seem to do more harm than good to the game.

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i would want to see a attack/defense mode 

1 team defend a port/base the other one will try to take it over

this will be a big advantice for the attacking team so to do it better put a few defensive turrets on islands close to the base (ofcorse destroyable)

and make the map realy tactical so both teams needs to think what they doing and not just rush in :)

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