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CV Captain Skill Question.

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Hi guys,


Just coming up on my next skill point for my Ops CV. He is well trained at this stage but I want to invest this skill point into one of the single point skills on offer. 


The options are Priority Target, Air Supremacy and Direction Center For Fighters.


Priority Target. A very important skill, crucial for other classes of ships of course, an essential must have actually, but not so much for CV's with their redline out of sight playstyle but still important for an unseen DD that might sneak through in Co-op and randoms. That being true, as mentioned, this is an Ops build with occasional Co-op usage so keep that in mind. So far, I've been fine without out on my CV's thus far.


Air Supremacy. A -5% for aircraft restoration. Now, to me 5% seems almost worthless tbh. What does that even translate into in terms of extra aircraft over the course of an entire battle? Even one? 


DCFF. This actually looks rather interesting. It adds one more aircraft to the squadron of fighters, just the consumable launched fighters though, not both but still, when playing Co-op and the rare random battle, perhaps this extra aircraft might be very beneficial at swatting away inbound aircraft attacks on both my CV and any nearby teammate covering me?




These are the skills so far FYI.



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