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Looking for an English speaking Clan

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Hi all,

I'm looking for a clan as getting tired of playing solo. I've been playing on/off since the CBT.

heres my stat page


just under 4k battles

49% W/R

1 T10 (Yamato) but i have the Zao unlocked but not bought

I'm mostly a BB player

in the UK


Any suggestion would be appreciated

Cheers in advance 

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Hi Pal, 

I run a clan and we are recruiting ACTIVE players as we like to keep our members in divs when not in Battle season.

We are mostly UK but have international members too.

Have a look at our recruitment post and maybe drop into Discord for a chat if you like we can run some divisions out with you too....



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Hi Beani5003,


We are a medium sized clan of more mature players in World of Warships, but we are part of a larger Old Gits Having Fun clan that has it’s own World at War, Cod4 servers etc.

We are looking for players for our World of Warships clan and you could fit right in, we play all tiers, play scenario and Naval Battles, Randoms, divisions etc, we use Discord for comms and are a fairly happy bunch, like a bit of light hearted banter etc.

Please check our main Clan out and see what you think. 




                 Chris (AKA Cyclops)

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Hi Beani5003,

Division-1 was founded for active casual gamers that like to play WOWS together without typical clan requirements.

We don't expect you to play Clan Wars, use voice chat, join a Discord or TS server, have high tier ships, have a certain win/loss ratio etc. unlike most other clans.

We play ships of all tiers at Random Battles and Operations in Divisions for more teamwork and fun. For those who enjoy Clan Wars, you're welcome to join us. Playing Clan Wars is optional and not a requirement to join.

We have a Discord server available. It's also not required that you join it but it would be awesome if you do. It's handy and we have a lot of information and tips & tricks there.

You can get our help and support, chat about anything, ask to team up in a Division, bonus codes will be posted etc. Using a mic in our clan is not required but optional. We have members using mics and others who don't.

If you join the clan you will receive bonuses like more XP,  Free XP,  captain XP , credits and coal.

To join the clan you need:

- to play in Divisions besides playing solo
- a mature and friendly attitude
- use and understand english language
- be an active member: play an average of twice a week or more if possible  (with exceptions ofcourse)

If this all sounds interesting to you and fits your expectations of a casual clan, please search at the clan section ingame for [DIV-1] Division 1 and join us, you are welcome  :)

You're welcome to join our Discord server: https://discord.gg/T7c65vP

Hope to see you on the seas

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We are an international, laid back English speaking clan, looking for good humoured but active players to join us in clan battles, operations and divisions.                                                                                                                                                                  We use Discord and our clan base is complete. Please check us out @ [SBS] Special Boat Service and read the clan description after which you may apply in game or alternatively contact Strong_in_the_arms




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