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Impossible to join battle

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7:30 pm CET ... after playing 5 games, suddenly the game won t launch anymore into battle.

after clicking battle button: loading logo show without the queue screen and after 5 seconds : it goes 'back' to port.

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Had the same issue, filed a report with wg and attached a WGCHECK, its recommended that you all run that and file a bug report on the wows website.

The WGcheck program is in the wows main folder, wows and the wg launcher can not be open for the check to be performed.


Yesterday had a similar issue but then with a random battle in progress, the battle suddenly ended withou being concluded.

Was suddenly back in port together with the ship is previously using, no after battle report, no notification no nothing.

Sadly did not manage to make a wgcheck then since i just now read the reply to my yesterday post.

Make sure to attack that check report to the report.


Seems WG is on top of this since there is a "connectivity issues" banner on "top" of the forum page.


Nice and accurate message(restart on 06-08-2019?) about a pending server restart, its @ least nice to know they are on top of it :)


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Look on the bright side.


With any luck, we'll get some compo of some form.


On the other bright side; thanks to this, I was able to get on and fix my bath, which wouldn't have happened if the servers hadn't gone down.


So, every cloud and all that.

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2 ore fa, Duka_Srb ha scritto:

I have same problem and sometimes it freezes in mid game

Hi Duka_Srb,
those problems were related to an issue that occurred to our servers yesterday between 6:00-8:00 PM (CET). If you are still experiencing them though, I suggest you open a ticket with Customer Support including a WG Check. 😊



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