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A problem the game has...

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This was going to be an attack on WoWs but as we have kissed and made up... hmmm, lie... there was no kissing... 1) my wife would kill me 2) not good in the Covid-19 world...


We made up, WoWs proved they had a heart. So, here is my .... concern... note: not a complaint.


The news items are posted by a BOT, yes, a posting bot? it always seems to post OLD news, that is stale and out of date. No one seems to care, I mean, out of the staff here ior Wows staff.\


That is very unprofessional. I want you to be seen (now) as professional. Can't the bug be fixed?


Would you shop from a supermarket that advertised last weeks specials?
Would you read a newspaper that had week old stories?

No, you wouldn't. You'd read the newspaper with the latest news and you'd feel good knowing they were professionals doing a good job.


By the same token, I want to know that the people I'm handing my money to were professionals enough to take pride in EVERY aspect of this game, including  bot that posts "news"


It boils down to the impression you leave people... a poor opinion in this tiny little area of news might have a huge impact on the other services you run. I would like to think that the news bot was as professional as the SUPPORT I get... are they going to offer me week old solutions to today's problems? Again, it all in how it looks.


Sure, and this IS a minor problem, no biggie... right... but the fix is maybe just as easy as well!


Its a niggle... it annoys me... its a distraction... but maybe YOU can make that bot with a human like user name into a real professional... he is, after all, the main public face people see when it posts the news.... right?


BUT... again, if its not fixed, no biggie... but every second post in the TEST SERVER post was asking why they couldn't log into into the test game which ended days before.... as I said, its not a good look.

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