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Ranked Match Making & Divisions

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Rank MM prioritises queue length over quality of game


The appeal of a Ranked game is to battle peers on the same skill level, you progress then you flat-line and then you learn how to improve your play. You get better at the game - or at least that is how ranked play should be...


The fact that so many of the ranks are pooled into "different leagues" means there is such a disparity in skill level. Games that have ranks 6,7,8,9 & 10 in the same game is such a mixed range in a 7v7 scenario. It makes it very difficult to break free and have some form of consistency in the games - just a random cluster [edited].


Please I would happily wait longer in a queue to find balanced rank pools of players and have a better game experience than the current fast queue rodeo.


Solo queuing adds to poor team play lottery


Please allow divisions to queue for ranked battles, the frustration of poor team play in random solo queuing is a massive drain to the enjoyment of ranked play. If players don't wish to communicate and form divisions then why penalise the rest of us who enjoy playing with friends. It is hugely frustrating in Random games that I can only play with two friends but in ranked it is hugely off putting.


Pretty pleased for future ranked seasons...

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