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The Last Star.

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The last star standing, the most irritating thing about ranked battles? I wish ranked battles lasted longer, there are somethings i prefer in ranked that random battles don't like everybody is in the the same tier and the teams are smaller but the one thing i hate is the LAST STAR. Why is this even a thing? Its highly irritating & does nothing to enhance ranked but break down the team play.


When push comes to shove and more often than not when matches are turning out for the worst, it reveals the unscrupulous players on the team whilst everybody else takes the fall. Others will seek to escape leaving the team under fire whist somebody thinks F it and runs off to boost his/hers own score so they can come top to save there own skin and not lose a star, I fail to see how this inspires any team play when the mode itself has an f the team trait built in.  


Surely when the team wins everybody wins so why don't loses happen the same way?

Instead you're left frustrated that some douche-bag has made a backdoor boogie and managed to accumulate enough to become top of the classroom and gets an added bonus for the effort.  


A better way to go would be the top 2 or 3 keep stars or just abolish it completely cause the last star to put it bluntly, It's retarded. 

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