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Kudos to WoWs, for once....

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Yes, I give a lot of honest opinions about this game, the company and nearly everything else... most of it is harsh and very critical of the game, devs, company and, at times, a few dud ships!


BUT.... I was playing a game a short time ago, my last for the night, and it dawn on me how often I play in my T9 Jean Bart! I'm loving this ship, it fits my style of playing the game perfectly.


My "Jean Luc Picard Bart Simpson" has my first ever 19 point captain, and currently has over 4.2 million ship XP. It is the ship I play 90% of the time.


Its AA is amazing, it shreds incoming planes and most times, I don't have to press the "O" key for priority area...

Its secondaries are ...second.... to none!


Its a brawler.... a knife fighter... perfect.


Its a very well balanced ship... its skipper allowed me to obtain other 19 point commanders.


Yeah, I give a lot of HONEST opinions... most of it very critical, but there are times when I just HAVE to point out the good things WoWs has done.


Why stop there? I'll also say that the staff, here on the forums, do a great job even IF I don't always... appreciate.... them (sometimes, for good reason!)


Yes, the game and the company have a great many problems... the ships also... but given time, they may see the light and change their ways....


But as this post demonstrates... its not all bad. I think if you're going to be honest and attack WoWs (with good reason) then at least be fair and post some good things about them as well every now and then.

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