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Can i port my account into Steam?

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Hi is it possible to use my same account via steam?  some say yes and some say no.  Not tried it but before i consider downloading 50-70gb and potentally  messing around with my account i need a definite answer what will work and what to expect.


Does anyone have experience with this and  did it work or not work?


I ask as my Game center client is still giving me issues even  after a full uninstall of that and game and reinstall. 


Thank you all

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          in-short yes. In long words, it is very impractical and while there is a way to use your WG account to login to WoWS via steam you will not be able to get any goods for WoWS from steam. Your account will still be treated and work as a WG account, not steam. You can modify the steam WoWS client to log-in with your WG account but that is about it. Honestly I don't know why people have done this, I can only imagine maybe because the WGCenter does not work for them. Either way, I don't see any benefit at all to use steam over the WGCenter or WoWS client.




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