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[FISHR] Fishermen Recruiting

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[FISHR] Fishermen Recruiting


Dear all, our EU clan is looking for new players to increase activity in Clan Battles and push the competitiveness of the clan a bit further.


Who we are:

- Chill people of various nationalities, adults playing on the EU server; some of us know each other in real life but generally met in the clan

- Around 6000 games played on average among the active players with 52% - 63% win rate

- Clan ended up in Typhoon this season, playing clan battles most nights

- For detailed stats, please check: https://wows-numbers.com/clan/500156944,FISHR-Fishermen


What we can offer:

- Some friendly folks to form division with for randoms

- Fully developed naval base with all available bonuses active

- Opportunity to participate in clan battles, most seasons on high Storm / low Typhoon level

- Active Discord channel with people willing to talk, div up and plenty of code sharing

- No drama, no raging (some trolling though), no mandatory participation in anything


Who we are looking for:

- Players with at least 1 Tier X ship owned with a well-trained captain, willing to participate in Clan Battles

- At least 54% Win Rate and experience with Tier X battles, visible stats

- Discord at least for listening

- Good attitude and sense of humor triumph over stats any day


How to apply:

- Send a request in game and ideally reach out through Discord to Moribundus_ML#4636 or maapoo#2916

- Any questions can be answered in this this thread


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