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Moskva Ranked - Need Advice

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Moskva is my second t10 cruiser and i have minimal experience in it.
What i like to do is:
-Go and park to a central island where:
My broadside is covered
I can create a crossfire to one side of the map
Can keep mid buffs radared so my dds can grab them
Control/deter enemy pushes to the center
I usually take a crap load of damage and tank between 2 and 3m. I have no problem with this.
In 80% of the cases i survive till the end of the game or die last.


My problem is that the only useful thing this ship has is its tanking capabilities.
I saw vids saying to shoot mostly ap to anything resembling a broadside but i keep getting 1-2k ap volleys
HE on superstructure gives again 1-2k per volley.
The only time i saw big fat juicy ap pens was to a broadside kurf 10km away where every salvo was doing 13-20k on him.
Other than this 1 situation, got 2 or 3 times 6k volleys but thats it.
So i usually end the match with something like 90-120k dmg.
Ofcourse because i dont really know the ship yet and the maps, there is a fair 25% of the matches where i have majorly fucked up.
The only reason i feel i am doing reasonably well is because of my aggressive positioning that allows me to radar the whole center and hydro potential ambushes and not being afraid to take damage.

So, i would really love to see your input here

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I never got the Moskva running so she stays in harbour, i wouldnt even dare to take it out for ranked but thats only me. The concealment sucks so bad you get spottet before every BB and whole enemy team is shooting you and sooner or later (more sooner) you get burned down if not penned by AP. Every DD with 2 brain cells stays out of radar since you cant really surprise them with your concealment. If i had to play Moskva in ranked i would stay far away even behind BB using range and accuracy of guns moving around and push later when enemy lines are thinned.

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