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Torpedo+TK changes

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I've just recently bought myself into the game, and I've seen the first "real" problems of the game, and as you can see in the topic title, it's the torpedos. Torpedos pretty much right now are "broken", and primarily useful in close ranges (up to a maximum of 3 kms), but even these times they can miss their target and hit a friendly, who is not taking cautions, OR! you fire from long range (on a take your luck basis), while your fellow teammate moves into the torps, and blaming you for TK, while it also damages you, and after a time (although one has to be an idiot to do this repeatedly) resulting in a ban. 'Eck even cases happen in which you cross-kill each other, say, shooting torps on the same battleship, which inthe meantime gets killed by someone else, resulting in your torpedos killing each other.


Making the "victim"  ( the one hit by the torpedo) the scapegoat is out of question, even if it was the victims mistake of eating friendly torpedos, then again (at times) blaming everything on the shooter of the torpedos is also something that's embarassing. 


So I'm asking for a solution to that. Removing friendly fire from torpedos would be a blatant solution (after all that makes it even more exciting), but as there would always be someone who fires torps from the other half of the map, only to kill or cripple a friendly ship, be it any of these guys mistake too is as much dumb.


Is there any solution to this? Can it be solved in some way or the other? I'm not here to actually take either side, I'm just opening this topic up for discussion. And it would be cool, if we got some official overlook on this "issue". Right now CBT looks good enough that these are really just accidental mistakes, but think of later times when there will be even more players, many of them still practicing torpedo launching. (Even I still practice it..)

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If this system is at least as forgiving as the WoT TK autoban, then this solution will be sufficient.

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At this point I don't think we need a solution since there is no problem.


Accidentally hitting a friendly while being in close combat with several ships can happen and did happen to me too. But if you review those situations, ~90% of the time its the shooters fault because he didn't take into consideration that there are friendly ships in the path to the enemy he wanted to hit.

Successfully using Torps is, and should be, something that is a little bit more challenging and harder to master then just firing away your guns randomly every 10-30 secs hoping RNG is kind today.

There is no RNG involved in hitting with torpedos. They go with a given speed in a straight line to their max range with a predictable spread . If you hit or not is only based on your prediction and the actions of your target. RNG is only involved when the damage is calculated. So using torpedos is a skill which can be mastered with enough practice and talent.



If you get sanctioned for friendly fire caused by your torps you are simply not good enough using them (in very few cases you where unlucky)



Yes I am talking to you people shooting Torps with 6km max range at battleships which are 20km away. Hint: Minimap and dotted circle have a meaning

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As said earlier "Your torps Your responsibility."


It might happen in the middle of a brawling battle that toprs hits a friend.  In such case there is no flame but when it happens from long range blind shot torpedoes flames are around.


Then banning... not the solution but a serious fine should be set in and an honest compensation given to the victim.  Don't forget than someone who is Torpedoed by a friendly fire if sunk:


-Has to wait long minutes before being able to play again his ship.

-does not do damage anymore thus doesn't earn exp nor credits.

-may lose his daily X x;x bonus

-has to repair unwanted damage.


If damage : loss of survavibility leading to less possible damage dealing, less exp, less credits.


All of that giving him a great los in fun and a bunch of frustration.  None of the above being compensated.


All complaining about the fine and the possible one day ban after multiple TK never think about what they inflicted to their victims, they only selfishly think about their own.

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