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Fire button stopped working

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Beta Tester
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Hi after first thank you for a fantastic game!!! and 50 other adjactives :) and yes i am a fan boy. sry to all the haters :)




Anyway i was in my Wyoming and got into the battle used ctrl x to set the guns one way, then entered "sniper" mode and then sniper mode automatically directed the sights to my stern, not where i had aimed. i pressed x to release the relative aim. still the same problem kept popping back to full astern zoomed out mode. Then when i finally decided ok ill just scroll my way to victory i aimed at a juicey Little cruiser and BAM, or rather the exact oposite of BAM, nothing happened. The guns refused to fire, i clicked like a mad man, pressed ctrl x and x multiple times to see if anything helped, nut no... i could not fire my guns. I pressed ctrl F4, reloaded the game, but i was out for 3 mins right when the fighting was starting, so i typed sry to the team and promptly died.





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Alpha Tester
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You cant shoot, cant launch torpedoes, cant use any active skill (smoke, fire extinguisher). Happened to me today three times. I tryed to force stop the game (alt+F4) and rejoin after restart. Impossible. I was stuck in loading screen till the battle was over. 

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