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Khabarovsk needs a buff to range, among other things

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Just got the khaba recently and i'm a bit sad about how it plays, especially coming from the Tashkent, which was a lot of fun to play. Khaba's problems are, in order of importance:

  1. Range, 13.5km is way too less
  2. torpedoes, 6km is way too short for a large, kiting DD. 
  3. Rudder shift is too sluggish by default. why does it have the rudder shift of kronshtadt, moskva and the scharnhorst sisters? Smolensk has better rudder shift!


The problem is, all of khaba's properties interact with each other to make it more difficult to play. If it must have 50mm plating that arms BB AP, then it has to be at medium-long range to avoid getting blapped really hard. This is especially true with the current proliferation of radar, smolensk, large caliber accurate BBs (kremlin, thunderer), 220mm and 305mm cruisers, stalingrad, italian cruisers and their SAP, and everybody's favourite, carriers. 13.5km is not viable. On top of this, it gets outspotted by every other DD in the game, and in some cases can be outspotted by cruisers too.


Solution - give it Tashkent's range


It's a large boat with large detection range and has gameplay that encourages kiting. So 6km torps are all but useless. You can't get too close because you will arm AP. You can't stealth torp because concealment is not going to ever be less than torp range. So you will mostly use it for kiting. Slower torpedoes are good for kiting because they will take time to reach max range, allowing the target to enter this radius. However, 6km is far too limited for this. 8km torpedoes like  the kiev has, is a must. Ideally i'd like tashkent's torps on it, but i can settle for kiev. In fact, maybe it should get its 10km torps again?


Solution - give it Kiev or Tashkent's 8km torps


Finally, the rudder shift is way too slow for a DD. Using steering gears alone should bring it to 5s or less. that opens up the option to use the torpedo detection upgrade or concealment. Right now it has cruiser concealment and rudder shift, without the advantages of a cruiser.


Solution - bring the rudder shift closer to Tashkent than Smolensk/Moskva/Donskoi


Khabarovsk is the top ship of its line, it should by all accounts be the best ship in the line, and at par with other T10 ships. Currently, the Tashkent is simply better and more enjoyable to play, with easier matchmaking. Khaba has not only been power crept by French DDs, it also operates in a much more dangerous environment than a year ago. The russian DD line is fun and challenging to play, but khaba seems to be a step back there at the moment.


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I have build my Kleber for range instead of concealment so I get 16.3 km range. This makes Kleber almost like old school, pre nerfed Khaba.


Im guessing, since its Russian, WG will make Khaba great again since its been powercreept.

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