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[A-O-N] All Or Nothing 



"All Or Nothing" is always looking for active, skilled, and teamplay oriented players. See the section "Current recruitment" below to check recruitment status.  


About us: 


Who are we? 

We are a team of good friendly and very positive people, which participate in each competetive tournament/ event. 

To achieve this we prefer to streamline and specialize quite a lot; most players only play one class each when it comes to competitive to help with the training and the learning curve, so expect to pick one class and stick with it for the duration. Currently we are focusing our efforts on creating multiple clan battle teams that can compete for the top CB spot in EU, all the while maintaining a co-operative and friendly atmosphere. 





We are an International community, therefore you need to be fluent in English to apply. 

You will need access to Discord and a decent microphone. 

You should be an active player, and you need to have excellent game knowledge and technical ability to join our clan. 

Have at least 1500 PvP battles with stats that mirror our clan average WR and PR. This is not set in stone and we will take a deeper look into what matters the most - your competitive ships and tiers as well as your recent performance.  

Proficiency with at least three T10 ships 

Be able to attend at least 75% of our training's, clan battles, and commit the time required to participate in competitive matches. 

Able to attend 2 out of 4 Clanbattle days to play with us per week. 


Looking for: 

Exceptionally good, team-oriented playeres in all classes.  


How to apply: 


Reply here or send a personal message to get in touch with us. You can post any questions in this thread, or drop us a a PM. 

We will invite you to our public Discord server for a quick chat if you meet the requirements. 

Stay with us for a while, participate in trainings, and we will figure out if you are a good fit! 


Contact us: 


(Preferred): Join our public discord server! https://discord.gg/RV7aDje 


Forums or In game : Me Borat, AlexFari, Polish_Destroyer 

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