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The Great Ships

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59 minutes ago, ForlornSailor said:

The problem (from my PoV) is, that those super heavy / battle cruisers are in the same class as cruisers. This could lead to absurd (again my PoV^^) situations, where one team has Mino, Smolensk and Seattle while they other get Alaska, Puerto Rico and Stalingrad. Creating new lines for Battleships and move those battle crusers there just shifts the problem to another class without having an answer. Imagine Stalingrad moving to this sub-BB-class - it would be concidered a bad ship all of a sudden. Not sure how a team with Puerto Rico + Stalingrad and a bunch of regular cruisers should hold its own (given equal skill level) against, say Kremlin + Bourgogne. Bourgogne is a nice example anyway, since its moving pretty close to the gun caliber / HP pool of Stalingrad but still is a lot different.

It's a fair point, if one team's BBs are all 'classic' battleships and the other's are battlecruisers, it would potentially create an imbalance. Then again, there should at least be an effort from the devs to balance those ships against each other (whatever one's personal views on the success or otherwise of WoWs balance in general), and if not there's always the possibility of tweaking the matchmaker. Besides which, there are already a whole bunch of ships in the Japanese battleship line that self-identify as battlecruisers.

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