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As I'm playing this game now for a while, I notice there are still some details misunderstood.

First, the speed of ships.

The record holder for this (source guinness book of records) :

The highest speed attained by a destroyer was 45.25 knots (83.42 km/h or 52 mph) by the 2,900 tonne (6.4 million lb) French ship Le Terrible in 1935. Built in Blainville, France and powered by four Yarrow small tube boilers and two Rateau geared turbines, giving 74,570 kW (100,000 shp), she was decommissioned at the end of 1957. So any ship doing more than that is complete nonsense.

This does not include hydrofoils, of with the fastest does 67 Mph , or 58 knots (A nautical mile is longer than a landlubber mile).


Thejack staff (little 'mast' that holds the 'Jack' on front of a warship) and flag staff  (mast at rear of a warship that holds the ensign (nation flag)) were still carrying the flags at full sea.

That problem was recognized and they put them on the right places, but...

The jackstaff and sometimes as well the flag staff are removed at sea.

The reason is simple, it would be knocked off the ship by the first big wave, likely to hit the ship at the front.

In the game they are still 'up'. (I would report this boatswain and watch officer for gross negligence)


There is a miscalculation in the game concearning objects passing the bow of a ship, causing collissions due to that.

Now if a ship sails a straight course and one would look at the most frontal point of his ship and he would draw a straight line to the most rear point of a passing ship ans still sees that part moving towards the frontal point, that ship will pass!!!

In the game one will still collide! That is a serious miscalculation.


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IRL Battleships cost millions of pounds to build and were far less common than Destroyers...

IRL Radar and Hydro Accoustics couldn't see through islands...

IRL every ship past 1944 had Radar and Hydro Accoustics - Destroyers, Battleships, even Axis ships had some form of radar!

IRL Japanese 610mm torpedoes burned oxygen as fuel, the natural product of which was Carbon Dioxide which dissolves naturally in water - meaning no vapour trail to make your torpedoes easier to spot from the surface, no vapour trail means stealthier torpedoes than their contemporaries...

IRL Graf Zeppelin was never finished, Azuma was never started and Kremlin didn't exist...


So, what exactly was your point in this post, again?

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