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Why I stopped playing this game...

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... and also why i stopped posting in these forums.


Firstly, I want @MrConway to read this because I'm going to be suggesting a rule change. NOT that I expect anything to actually happen, but I suppose I live in hope for a miracle. I've given up on ANYTHING WoWs does to actually be i9n the best interests of the player base.


I started playing in July of 2015, on the EU server. I also started posting on these forums. But trolls ran rampant and like many others, I stopped posting here, MrConway, in a PM to me, promised that changes were happening and the mess cleaned up, the trolls would be dealt to. I still left, I started playing on the NA server. Then I returned and things DID appear to be better (I returned within the past 12 months). Appearances were deceiving.


I posted about the Pay-To Rico fiasco, it was a very popular post, only ONE person (that I can recall) didn't like it. He was a troll. Every negative post, insult or comment was ignored by myself and the other posters... TILL he went for broke and in a PM to me, accused me of LYING about my Terminal Lung cancer. I provided proof but that was deleted by the staff who said it could identify me, seriously, I'll be 60 in a few months time, I could care less if I was identified.

So, I PMed the proof to the staff and to MrConway for future reference. The time to reference that proof is now.


I stopped playing this game because of the lies, the crap and every other bad thing WoWs did, especially the lame insulting excuses some like Sub_Octavian came up with (especially before, during and after the CV rework)


I stopped posting here because of ONE troll. I checked the troll out. The way he sucks up to WoWs makes me wonder if he is being paid to be a troll, but I won't go that far, I'll just say this, he has attacked MANY people for having an opinion.


Now, that is fine, everyone is entitled to an opinion BUT not when his hatred sees him post LIES about a person fighting Terminal Lung Cancer... a short ban doesn't cut it....


BUT WORSE.... This person made comments that I (and others) want everything for nothing... I wanted a Puerto Rico for free (I never did, its just another Alaska) and I want ships for nothing... that I never EVER paid WoWs for anything... I got it all for free... I was a freeloader...


I'm guessing that over the years, on all four servers, I have spent a minimum of US$4000 on this game... so why does that troll say that....?


Because it LESSENS my opinion.... he says I play for free so my opinion is second rate because others pay for the right to play (and have an opinion)

Thanks to that troll.... I did stop paying WoWs but rather than play for free, I'm just not playing at all.


But lets get this right.... SO WHAT IF PEOPLE PLAY FOR FREE! The game is advertised as FREE TO PLAY so why does the staff here allow trolls to demonize those they say don't pay a cent? The game is F2P to make up the numbers, if it was pay only, then there would only be a few hundred on the server... this is WHY its F2P, to make up the numbers... its a tactic (which I support) to get more playing and for teams to be able to battle faster rather than have to wait for any length of time for a game, so these people are helping the game survive... they should be respected... but for the troll(s) (and by allowing it, WG.NET) to suggest that anyone's opinion is worth LESS because they are free players should be against the rules.... I was told the forums would be cleaned up of trolls.... well, I'll add that to the long list of promises and apologies WoWs has made over the years...


So, a rule change to make it against the rules to attack an opinion because they are FREE TO PLAY players. Its the same as the game, where some reckon its PAY TO WIN.... its not fair that an opinion is rubbished because a person may or may not have PAID TO POST.... because that is EXACTLY what these trolls are saying.... and worse, whether a poster has paid or not, the trolls SAYS he hasn't paid... they have no evidence... its their EXCUSE to criticize an opinion, and nearly always, they ONLY excuse they have.

So, I consider the money I spent worthwhile because I had a lot of fun ... a LOT of fun. But its not fun anymore when I'm fighting a Terminal illness only to be accused of telling lies AND for playing for free.

Anyone that goes so low as to attack a person with a terminal illness, even in a PM (which I reported) doesn't deserve to be on ANY forums...


But.... if the game is FREE TO PLAY then all opinions count... as a paying customer for all those years, I have seen it my my responsibility to share my opinions of WoWs with the community, if only to protect my investment... the fact that WG.NET says they take not of all feedback maybe right, BUT they never ACT on that feedback... NEVER, they clam up... stay silent...  but then, of course they stay silent... the trolls will attack the ones with an opinion for them...

And, as I said... I've had enough of all the crap from WoWs... the trolls just pushed me over the edge.


I understand I'm not the only one to have stopped playing.... and if you wonder why so few of the player base actually posts an opinion on these forums... now you know.

Lets see if they listen to this.... I doubt it, but if they do decide to go with my rule change, I might start playing again... and posting here again. As my wife said, why bother posting on a forums where the staff allows trolls to call you a liar and totally disrespect your opinion by allowing a troll to say whatever they like?


For me, defending an opinion is all part of the debate, but against trolls, what is the point? They post lies and even if you ignore them, they attack you via PM... a two day ban would be worth it for any troll doing WG.net's dirty work....

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For someone to actually troll you by PM is really nasty. Folks like that should be banned for life, period. 


Unfortunately, internet forums (of any kind, not just WG/WoWs) tend to attract haters, grudgers, and general negative types who like to slag off others, the game (or whatever subject the forum is about) etc. On a less serious level, forums are the place where people let off some steam about the game. No-one really comes on the forum to say how much they like things, that's my impression anyway. Just human nature I guess.


Don't let them win - if you enjoy playing the game, continue to play it. On your own terms. Stay away from the forum if it's a negative experience, but enjoy the game.


I generally dip into the forum lightly to get some info, but leave when the bad karma starts to hit me. Which is usually pretty quickly!


Re f2p: I've spent a few hundred quid on this game and like you, I do not have a problem with f2p players, in fact I welcome it for various reasons.


All the best dude and hope to see you in battle one day.

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Thread closed.


Your post is not really constructive at all, especially because some of your "facts" are just wrong.


Harassment is not allowed, no matter if it is a PM or a public post.

There was one single report from you about harassment via PM and the user received an appropriate sanction for this.


And as I stated after you posted the image as proof that you don't lie, we saw it and WG staff members were able to see it as well. But this doesn't change the fact that it contained personal data and, according to forum rules and privacy policy, we will always remove images, texts, etc. that contain personal information even if you don't care about them revealing private data.


I also don't understand why you always mention your illnes. Your illnes is not related to this game at all. Of course I understand that it is something very important for you but what do you expect players or the moderation to do now? All players are treated equally, no matter if you are rich, poor, ill, healthy, etc.

If you violate rules, you will receive a warning. If you are the target of harassment or insults, we will do what we can do stop this in this forum.


But keep in mind, especially harassment and insults in PMs have to be reported, otherwise we can't see them. Your private messages are private, we cannot join them until you report them or add a moderator to it (although reporting is the best solution because that way everything is documented for other moderators).

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