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AA and secoundaries

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I've looked through the game wiki, as anyone who likes to know the details about the game should now and then. 

But I found myself stumble over some details, or in some cases lack of details. 


If we start with the AA part.

The game wiki stages all calibers over 85mm guns will have a Flak effect in the form of a flak cloud or clouds.

This makes sense cause that's how AAA warfare works BUT...

Why 85mm and not just 80mm?


The reason I ask is because this means FlaK 88s dated as far back as 1905 will throw clouds at 4.6km, while "modern" 85mm 90-K and 92-K guns will be limited to 3.5km range and only do regular DPS.   Eventhough in this specific case, the 85mm fires a heavier AA shell than the FlaK 8.8cm L/45 in question. 

Yes the 90-K will on average do more DPS pr gun onboard than an old FlaK, but it fires the heavier shell, it has the longer barrel and it is the newer design by over 30 years.

I would suggest FlaK effect should rather have been based on available shell types for AA guns rather than "just" caliber, Alternatively, it could have 80mm as the threashold, as guns like the 8cm/40 type 3, is a 76.2mm gun, not a 80mm. (as far as I can tell, there are no such naval caliber)

You could of course argue it would take a lot of time for the developers to figure out excatly how much a power a specific AA shell has for a specific gun. But once it was done, it would be copypaste as many of the ships use the same guns, even across nations/factions, with UK ordinance being the most common.

http://www.navweaps.com/Weapons/WNGER_88mm-45_skc13.php AA shells at about 9kg

http://www.navweaps.com/Weapons/WNRussian_85mm-52_90k.php AA shells at about 9.2kg

Guns at 76.2mm only weight about 6kg pr shell at best.


Secoundary batteries?

While I find the ranges just fine and have little fear from DDs down to 4km range (as the smallest bit of manouver can get you out of the way) 

I've noticed under the page for Secoundary batteries, (which might have been removed from the wiki entirely), There is/was no notice of a minimum caliber.

While in several cases BBs and protected cruisers have animated guns which are inactive. 

Sure, it might be a question about balance as it makes a lot of ships have an overall higher potential damage output.

But this is already at close range where even Bofors 40mm guns would be targeting enemy surface targets, and in the game the inaccurate nature and somewhat short range wouldn't be a gamebreaker. 

It understandable they wouldn't add every single gun like 37mm guns, 47mm Hotchkiss and 5.2cm guns but there is no writen limit and it kind of denies some ships a minor boost to their stats and survival. 


An example where minimum caliber come into play would be the Tier V BB, Viribus Unitis, Unitis was equiped with nothing shorter than 12x Skoda K10 7cm guns + 3x K16 7cm guns (Ingame she has 4x K16 AA guns, and her sisters had 18x K10)

These guns are 66mm in caliber and each projectile weighs 4.5kg fired at a rate of 15rpm.

That's a total of  67,5kg ordinance thrown at the enemy pr gun. +BFT

For referrance, the 3"/50 throws 88,5kg of ordinance at the same rate. (which is seemingly never noted as a DP gun for some reason)

If damage calculation was a linear function, this would leave each HE shell with a potential damage of about 750-800 with a fire chance of 3% and a penetration of 11mm at a range of 3.5km +AFT & SBM1


I see a lot of cases, where the developers have added guns, but they are inactive, my best example being the IJN Ishizuchi.

Now, Ishizuchi is nothing more than a paper project in the first place, so creative liberty is allowed BUT.

She is equiped with 6x 8cm L/40 Type 3 guns, which are ww1 guns with a high rate of fire. They have also added what looks to be 10x 3" QF 18cwt  or 20cwt guns, 2 on each turret. 

Is this important? eeeeh. But considering the cwt is better than the Type 3 and there are more of them... why the hæll wouldn't they be active?

they share about the same rate of fire, though the cwt fires heavier shells, The cwt are L/45 vs L/40, the cwt can fire at a higher velocity or it can fire a heavier shell at lower velocity. All in it's favor both as an AA gun and as a secoundary. 


All this, would make ships like Viribus Unitis and Ishizuchi look more scary to DDs as they sail close to attack, but on paper it would maybe give 1 point in artillery rating. 




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About AA. Before 0.9.1 I could see in % hope much of my mid range AA was still working or the short range one. Now I see only the whole AA in general. Which sucks imho. 

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