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And again Im searching a new Clan

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Like in the title Im searching a new clan, contact me if U want to play with me. I will tell U more things on line

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Hello Santhanas


We [-WHO-]Identity Crisis?


are a new and upcoming clan and we might just need you!





We are a new and upcoming clan, with our main focuses set on having a competitive edge over other players, as well as having fun playing the game with our members! 

Our goal is to have consistent results in competitive play and develop an environment where even those more casual among us can find fun! 




Positive environment. We don’t like salt. We want to enjoy the game with mates, not listen to complaining. 

Competitiveness. We like being competitive when it comes to Clan Battles and community made tournaments.  

Activity. With active use of Discord, you will always have a chance to find div mates. 

Knowledge. We all start somewhere. We can offer advice on ships you want to unlock as well as CB strats. 




(mandatory) Active in-game and active on DiscordWe might be a bit lenient on the activity ingame from the start, but we want to have active members in the clan. 

(mandatory) 18+ age restriction. We are a mature bunch that like to joke around and be respectful to each other. 

(mandatory) Ability to communicate in English. We are international, we all have to understand each other. 

(mandatory) Microphone. A working one. 

Tier 10 ships. We are looking to fill our ranks for competitive battles. But if you are grinding T8s, that's okay too.

(if joining for CBs) Experience. Storm level experience is preferred. Our goal is to be consistent with results and reach Hurricane. 

To join us, simply enter our Discord here https://discord.gg/e7Dsbzd




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SBS is a very active, friendly English speaking clan.  We play for fun and are extremely chilled out.  Everyone gets to play clan battles and we have just started to enter King of Sea tournaments. We don’t exclude anyone or care about sats.  We currently have both male and female players from all over the world who’s ages range from 14 – 61 years.  All you need to join us is to be on Discord and have a sense of humour.  Message me Admiral_Fruit_Loop in game if your interested in joining our crazy warships family :)                  

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how many clans do u think u have been in? (to the nearest 5 will do)

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Ok, OP joined TAW already at the start of the march.

This topic will be closed,

Dear recruiters, please do not post on old posts without checking If the OP is joined in any clan or not.

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