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New Game mode

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I know this is going to create a lot of cotroversy but i feel the idea should be tossed out there. How about makeing a free for all game mode. No teams just shoot anything that moves before it shoots you. the reward system dont need to be changed at all, the one that is the last surviver gets the same as the wining team does now. so if you hide at the back and frag the last one you wont get anything cause the dobble of nothing is nothing. the starting positions would have to be randomized ofcourse. Plus i think it would serve as a good playground for those who are still learning the ropes and it would make players focus more on theire own playstyle (faults and strenghts) and less on what the team did wrong. Makeing players do overall better when they go to the team game modes.


I should have said i hope this is going to cause some contoversy. Come on fellow forum users, What is your thoughts on this?


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