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Looking for clan (english speaking)

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2 hours ago, Jellyflap said:

Hey guys,


I have just over 1k battles and I'm looking for a clan. Clan battles would be nice, but not required. The main reason I'm looking for a clan is because I often score well in public games but have only have a 48% win rate because of bad teams and I'm writing this post after a particularly frustrating 5 loss streak. Having an active clan with people I can division up with would be ideal. I play every day and always get my 3 containers. My ships include:
(Only highest ship of that line is listed)

Tier X: Audacious, Midway, Smolensk
Tier VIII: Massachusets, Bismarck, Albemarle

Tier VII: Scharnhorst, ARP Myoko, New Orleans, King George V, Gorizia

Tier VI: Fubuki, Ryujo, Dallas, Leander, New Mexico, Izmail, Huange


I'm currently grinding out Bismarck to GK as my "primary" line, with Ryujo and Fubuki as my "secondary" lines. I would be grinding Albemarle, but the daily challenge requires a win a day, so I thought I'd grind that out slowly over the British heavy cruiser event. My discord is Big Boi#6726 if you'd prefer to chat there.

ABR (Ambitious but Rubbish) are looking for clan battle players and some fun with randoms too. We use Discord to co-ordinate battles and just for general casual chat. We are a European bunch from the UK, Denmark, Germany, Switzerland and Finland who are looking to move up the leagues (we are currently competing at the top of Gale league) and fun has to be a major part of it. We are mostly late 30s - 50s in age and maturity and not taking things too fanatically. 


Please message me if you are interested. 

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