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PSA: IDS displayed instead of text

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Some of you might've come across a certain problem after Update - an incorrect display of text in the game ("IDS" tags show instead of the intended text).
We've already prepared a general fix for this issue and will include it in the next version Update.


If you want to apply this fix now, you should follow this step-by-step guide:


1. Close the game
2. Download the archive Install_patch_fix_for_0.9.1.1.zip
3. Unzip the archive (the "Install_patсh_fix_for_0.9.1.1" folder) to your WoWs game root folder (the one containing /bin32 /bin64 /screenshot and other subfolders)
4. Go to the unzipped "Install_patсh_fix_for_0.9.1.1" folder
5. Launch the file "apply-patch.bat"
6. Apply changes by typing the number "1" to the window that appears and press Enter
7. Launch the game as usual


If this fix doesn't help, please, post to the forum in this thread or reach out to Customer Support.

If you come across any new issues that appear after you apply this fix, you can roll back changes by launching “apply-patсh.bat” again, choosing option "2", pressing Enter and then relaunching the game client.


Please note: the only recommended and correct way to launch the game is through the official Launcher or WGC. If you use these particular methods to launch the game, the information in this announcement is not relevant to you.


We apologize for the inconvenience.


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i have always the problem with the replay. not with the launcher for enter in the game. An idea ?


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