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Riddle me this, WoWsers...

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Just thought of a warship question (well, kinda two) that seemed interesting and that I couldn't think of an immediate (definitive) answer for, so I thought I'd share. All thoughts/guesses/musings welcome; if we manage to come to a consensus, the ultimately successful answerer should probably pose their own question to keep things going...


Question: Which person has had the most warships named after them (I'm mostly thinking historical figures and warships of the modern age here, but see what you can come up with)?

Question part B: Which person has had ships named after them in service with most countries?


Personally I won't venture an opinion on the first, but as for the second I'd put forward Prince Eugene of Savoy: we're familiar with one Prinz Eugen (German) in the game and another was sister ship of the Viribus Unitis (Austro-Hungarian, apparently they also had a centre-battery ironclad named after him as well); there's the Italian Eugenio di Savoia, and the RN monitor Prince Eugene. On top of that, the German ship actually entered service with the US Navy, at least long enough to take in the artificial sunshine at Bikini Atoll. Naturally, he was born in France.


Any advances on Prince Eugene?

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