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Who is the Player *edit*?

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Oh, I'm not trying to shame anyone or aquising anyone. I'm trying to get a conversation with the guy, he seems like he has something on his heart, but unfortunately he blocked me in game.

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52 minutes ago, Egoleter said:


You might want to read this. Most importantly in regards to your OP, rule 2.

I fail to see where @Crownprince shamed this user. If you ask me they are shaming... themselves? While I appreciate the effort you put in to support the rules and the forums @Egoleter please leave the moderating to us, reporting posts is enough. :Smile_Default:



I'll be locking this thread then, please remember to be constructive in the future. When you run into players breaking game rules please feel free to report them to support and they will give the user what they deserve. With that in mind I will happily pass along this screenshot to the right people.


Kind regards,


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While this was an obvious offense by the player in question, please refrain from posting such screenshots on the forums.

To get someone chat-banned for their behaviour, please use the report feature in-game or send the screenshot to our customer service. Publicly reporting such actions also counts as shaming, even if justified.

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