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Lookin for a fun clan (dutch/english/ german)

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My name is Erich (Eric for non german)

Lookin for a fun clan where i can play regular on an irregular basis.

This due to my work (i work  in shift's, that means i cannot always play on a regular day / evening, I do play also in daytime durng MY 3 day weekend )


I have enough ships to play with ( see here)

Altho i am a Beta player, and played only 7k games yet.

I am interested in a mature fun clan that will learn me the more finesse and fun of the game.

On Monday's and friday's i play WOT (when i am not working) the other days i play WOW's or another one of my game's.

I have been a gamer for a long time, (since people could play pinball and pong in the arcade).


See you on the high sea's.

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Hey mate!
We at [T-M-F] are primarily UK, EU and yank players but as long as you speak fairly good English, and have a sense of humour you are welcome, we are shall we say more senior in years than your adverage gamer.
We have a clan of like-minded mature members, who like to having a good time and who do not need micromanaging.
If you gravitate to players with the same disposition please come visit us in Discord
If you are:
? Over 25
(exceptions will be made if you demonstrate maturity beyond your years)
? Not thin skinned (profanity is there all the time)
? A committed player.
? Have a good range of ship tiers & types fully specced tier V111s and above. 
? Have at least 1000 games under your belt. 
? Enjoy divisioning with like-minded people who can give as good as they get.
? Committed to playing the game for mainly fun/relaxation with a focus on competitive play.

We are a well-rounded bunch who play most day's & evenings, clan battles are encouraged and we use Discord for chat and our in-game banter could be adult themed, so if you cannot stand banter/having the piss taken don't bother.
We have a good mix, some play for fun and others can get serious we play tiers 2 to 10 with a mix of classes but expect players to rotate types as requested
We are looking for players who don't take themselves too seriously, who have a good tier spread of ships and can give as good as they get.

Your only comitment is to connect to discord? when your playing and be responsive to chat.
If you are interested, feel free to message me.

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Hi, I am  "ViceAdmiral Morgan" one of the commanders of VMV (Verenigde Marine Vloot)  formally known as Vlaamse Marine Vloot). 

We are a Flamish/Dutch clan.


99%  of our players are older (Between 30/60 years) adults (We have 2 young people (Under 20) in our clan).

You are more then welcome to join our clan if you wish.

We play in Clan Battles and also in regular random divisions almost every night. 

The only must is that you use Discord for division and CB play and have a sense of humor :) :)


You can PM me if you want to join.


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SBS is a very active, friendly English speaking clan.  We paly for fun and are extremely chilled out.  Everyone gets to play clan battles we don’t exclude anyone or care about sats.  All you need to join us is to be on Discord and have a sense of humour.  Message myself or Stonginthearms if your interested :)                   


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Feel free to take a look at our recruitment post, see if it fits what you are looking for...



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Hi Eric,


Division-1 was founded for active casual gamers that like to play WOWS together without typical clan requirements.

We don't expect you to play Clan Wars, use voice chat, join a Discord or TS server, have high tier ships, have a certain win/loss ratio etc. unlike most other clans.


We play ships of all tiers at Random Battles and Operations in Divisions for more teamwork and fun. For those who enjoy Clan Wars, you're welcome to join us. Playing Clan Wars is optional and not a requirement to join.

We have a Discord server available. It's also not required that you join it but it would be awesome if you do. It's handy and we have a lot of information and tips & tricks there.

You can get our help and support, chat about anything, ask to team up in a Division, bonus codes will be posted etc. Using a mic in our clan is not required but optional. We have members using mics and others who don't.

If you join the clan you will receive bonuses like more XP,  Free XP,  captain XP , credits and coal.


To join the clan you need:

- to play in Divisions besides playing solo
- a mature and friendly attitude
- use and understand english language
- be an active member: play an average of twice a week or more if possible  (with exceptions ofcourse)


If this all sounds interesting to you and fits your expectations of a casual clan, please search at the clan section ingame for [DIV-1] Division 1 and join us, you are welcome  :)


You're welcome to join our Discord server: https://discord.gg/T7c65vP 


Hope to see you on the seas

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