Edited 20/09/20   New players, old vet players, experienced players ...   If you are ... Looking to earn Steel, Looking to earn Coal, Looking to grind ships/ Oil, Looking to play as a team in battle, Looking for consistent Team mates, Looking to play in Divs and grind ships ... Then we might be right for you!   If you are ... Looking for drama, Looking for spreadsheets, Looking for serious conversations about astronomy,  Looking for the meaning of life,  Looking for a group of people with no sense of humour ... Then we are definitely not for you!   We want ACTIVE players who want to play in divs and grind ships.   We also have a Battle team that you are more then able to join and earn steel.   All applications are now taken on their own merit.   See you on discord captain!  https://discord.gg/AUk6zZe   What we offer you ...       Drop in our discord and have a chat with a member of the crew .... https://discord.gg/5RrUew