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Hakaryu weirdness

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So yesterday I had no issues hitting destroyers with Rockets on Hakaryu.

Today, the spread is insane no matter how slowly I can bring the planes in for a shot.

Anyone else experienced this?



  • Fixed a bug that caused an inconsistency between the accuracy of her standard attack aircraft and that of her researchable attack aircraft. The accuracy of her standard attack aircraft has now been reduced to the level of her researchable type.
  • The damage dealt by rockets from attack aircraft has been reduced from 3,450 to 3,350.

Is what the patch notes says.

Is this the reason why?
I mean the patch hit some days ago, but I noticed the insane spread today, even if I played Hakaryu everyday. I find that weird.

IF the patch is the reason, then wow... Isn't the spread a bit much now? I usually aim pretty well on destroyers with rocket planes. But recently even if I seem to do a perfect aim, the spread is just so much no matter how well you aim, you can go with several strikes on a destroyer with perfect aim, and still miss every rocket.

update: I have experienced this last 2 matches.

I am now playing a game where the aim is good again.. WEIRD?!?!?! yes. whats going on?

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Something is definitely broken. 3 matches on Midway today - Torps (armed) sometimes just passing through ship. Rockets sometimes do damage, sometimes almost not at all. I tried to hit Kremlin with rockets - rockets of two wawes just passed through superstructure and hull, like it was ghost ship. Also problems with plane spotting - for example Shimakaze AA fires at my planes, but I cant see DD (no smoke was deployed) It was shown on the map, but symbol was like it was detected with someones radar. On main screen it showed only when there was 2 or 3 km left.

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