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Task Force 333 is looking for new and enthusiastic World of Warships Players to come and play and join our Clan!


Here's a bio about us:

Task Force 333 [TF333] was set up last year by a group of friends looking to obtain coal/steel in game, this later developed from a clan with just a few friends in to a much larger community with 25+ active members who play WoWs on a regular basis. We host Clan Events twice a week (Wednesday's 1745 GMT/1845 CET/1945 EET & Saturday's 1745 GMT/1845 CET/1945 EET). We welcome new members to our clan with open arms and most of our newer players have felt part of the community straight off the bat with the close knit bond that we have all built. If you are interested in joining come check us out on Discord (speak to either the Clan EXO's or Recruiters to find out more & if this Clan is a fit for you.)


Clan Battles:

We have recently had the opportunity to begin playing Clan Battles with our increase in player base, during a Clan Battles Season we hold 2 main weekly events, with the potential for several more on an ad-hoc basis (that may not be planned too far in advanced). - as some of our members do have to work/have irl commitments so we do like to try to be flexible and meet the needs of all of our players.



We have a Clan Discord server, that is mandatory for all of our members to be active on, as Discord is a free service, it is easier to use and much better than alternatives such as TeamSpeak,

Discord Invite Link: https://discord.gg/4t83TTk

We do offer support to any new members who have just started using Discord, so if you have any questions when you join the server, most of the Clan Staff have knowledge covering most areas to get you set up.




 If you are interested and made it this far into the post, come check us out, and if you want to join let us know.

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