Hi mates, we are an international clans of 50 members that start to use also team bravo like a competitive team: " HI mates, do you like to play clan battle game and get a lot of iron and gift for you ??? NC Clan team Bravo is recruiting now !!! answer to your toposgnotto (Topos#1560) and get your chanches ! NC Team Bravo NEED YOU !!!! https://discord.gg/6dsGR8G " Our base is full, and you can get all top clans bonus with us. The players of both teams (A-B) are interchangeable between them, if needed, but one permanent team player,  (A-B),  (if online), has always a sure slot in the game when his own team is playing.       Waiting for you, regard , topos Discord NC server links: https://discord.gg/TpgGdhF