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0.9.1 - British Cruisers: Part 2

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1 hour ago, DirtyHeddy said:

I think not ..

I didn’t originally but given the special abilities and being ten points changed my mind, yes he won’t get used much at the moment but as a 19 pointer will be a very good addition, so I’ll keep him in reserve (I have a fair few 19 pointers, probably less than you), but for noobs he can be a massive plus.


Yes the Surrey isn’t pretty but as a T7 it fits nicely, I had a 1vs1 with a Fiji just after getting her, having had 500+ battles in Fiji I know what that botes like, Personally if I had to choose between the 2 it would be Surrey.

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@Crysantos @MrConway


Was it too difficult to include the date on the mission itself, like it's the case with any other?


Instead of digging articles and finding which date corresponds to which part of the event?


I know it's Sunday but you'll see it on Monday and you can pass the message to include the dates and avoid these things in the future.



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