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Just for Romanian captains is destinated this post

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We're looking for every Romanian captain that is interested in joining Discord, Divisions in-game, Training, Operations, Clan Battles and having a good time in our community.

ROEL(this name will be changed) - a fresh start, new challenges, and objectives - IS RECRUITING!


If you're interested, you can find me or my colleagues in-game: Yo_MaPrey (me), GudeGave, smartwo and Jolly_Rog3r or on Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/VaaSiDaS


o7 captains and I'm pretty confident with the interest :D. We all want players to play with and having respect and personality. :)





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As dori sa intru la voi in clan daca indelplinesc conditiile.


Barcile mele Tir 10: Shimakaze, Zao (with Legenadry Module), Gearing, Des Moines (with Legenadry Module), Puerto Rico, Montana, Midway, Moskva, Smolensk, Kremlin, Hindenburg, Audacious

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