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Open letter to WOWS. If you want to support then make comments

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Dear all,


Since 4 years now I am playing WOWS and the first 2 years I really enjoyed it. From there on more and more premium ships were invented and side games were introduced, which in my opinion have nothing to do with WOWS. Also the level of play has deteriorated considerably over the last 2 years which leads to lots of players going elsewhere to spend their time online.


Unfortunately I cannot see or hear WOWS reacting in any constructive way to these facts. In stead you introduce all kinds of gadgets for only one reason: to make money for WOWS. The most insulting ones being the Puerto Rico and the research bureau. 


To be honest I simply do not understand why you do not listen to comments coming from the players (Clients). The only thing you do is launching a recruitment gadget to try and get new players. It seems you are not aware of all the negative messages you will be able to find all over the internet about WOWS. The way this goes is down the drain. However you DO have a responsibility here, since most players invested a lot of money in this game. Your mis-management may cause these players to lose their investments when WOWS goes belly up.


It would be my suggestion to take your clients seriously and react positively to proposals made, in order to keep this game afloat.


If needed/wanted I would be more than happy to assist, since I do understand that good game developers do not always make good marketeers.


Kind regards, MEL1111





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